LG developed its own AI Chip to enhance performance

LG has developed its own artificial intelligence chip (AI Chip) that incorporates visual intelligence, voice intelligence and product intelligence.

LG developed its own AI Chip to enhance performanceThe visual intelligence distinguish space, location, objects and users. voice intelligence recognizes voice and noise characteristics, whereas, product enhances the abilities of the device by detecting physical and chemical changes in the environment.

The chip implement customized AI services by processing and learning from video and audio data in order to enhance recognition of the user’s emotions and behaviors and the situational context.

Moreover, the products utilizing the LG AI Chip take advantage of the On-Device AI to operate even without a network connection. What’s more, LG’s AI Chip employs a powerful security engine to better protect personal data from external hacking. 

LG’s AI Chip is designed to enhance the recognition performance in the products it powers such as an advanced image recognition engine for simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM).

“Our AI Chip is designed to provide optimized artificial intelligence solutions for future LG products,” said I.P. Park, president and CTO of LG Electronics.

“This will further enhance the three key pillars of our artificial intelligence strategy ‘evolve, connect and open‘ and provide customers with an improved experience for a better life.”