Role of ICT in agriculture

Agriculture has significant value in geographical boundaries of any country and countries that are rich in agricultural land have economically, and politically strong boundaries.

Role of ICT in agricultureThis land contributes in many ways in order to strengthen the image of country. Country is greatly dependent on agriculture as it is major source that boosts GDP ,GNP and polish the economy. With the passage of time and development in science and technology now agriculture could also be seen and explained in modern terms.

Information and communication technology (ICT) has played vital role in every sector whether it is Education, Sports or Health. Along with these it has contributed efficiently in field of agriculture and has provided every possible way to make agriculture easy and fruitful profession worldwide.
In modern world ICT (information and communication technology) and agriculture are both dependent on each other.

ICT when linked with agriculture is resulted in new discipline that is called E-Agriculture. As in past agriculture was so complicated that farmer was not aware of modern techniques and methods.

It took so long for farmer to work, sometimes it took whole year and as a result he could not get handsome amount thus in past farmer was living from hand to mouth.

ICT has resulted as game changer for agriculture sector due to strong bond of ICT this sector has reached to great heights. ICT has enhanced agriculture and developed rural domain through improved information and communication process.

Furthermore, ICT includes Devices, Networks, Telephones, Televisions, Internet service and many other applications through which ICT is playing positive role in development of agriculture.

Through using these devices such as telephones and computers it is now easy to make timely decisions, It means that we can learn and get information about weather conditions in which crops should be harvested or cultivated.

Through radio and televisions information about weather forecast and seasonal crops are beneficiary for farmers. Through mobile phones communication is very easy and information could be transferred easily from one place to another.

Farmers get information about seeds and new fertilizers that are important for crops ,they also get familiar to many fatal diseases that are responsible for destruction of crops and their possible solutions .Internet is helpful as it provides up to date information of import and export ratio, stock market ,rise and decline of GDP .

In recent years it has been notices that farmers are making use of these technologies to larger extent .As in 2005 it was 25% and currently it is reached to 67% .

This clearly shows that ICT has greatly influenced ideas and minds of people. Moreover, GPS (Global Positioning System) provides benefits to agriculture and GPS is helpful in designing maps that are used in surveying.

In a nutshell, role of ICT could never be neglected as through this agriculture has turned into E-Agriculture. This modern term with vast meanings and huge benefits has developed many countries.

Modern techniques and methods are being used, there is increase in export, farmers are being educated, communication has become easier, as a whole it is shaping and fortifying economy of countries.

However still efforts are needed to develop ICT to meet high standards so measure should be taken by Government and public to strengthen bond of ICT and agriculture to get more and more boon.