Manipulation of insects in eco-farming

According to the recent estimates here are approximately 7 million species in the world. Insects are the tiny creatures of this planet. This huge amount of insects is created for a purpose.

Manipulation of insects in eco-farmingThis group of living can be used in small business by not damaging their population. Most of the young entrepreneurs, entomology and other department graduated can use the insects in small business. Insects can be used as food astatic and research purposes as well as teaching tool, and also fir earning money.

Only a minute part of insects are pest but the majority of insect species are beneficial. Even, the harmful insect species can also be used in small business by young entrepreneurs. The most prominent examples are; apiculture,sericulture,making butterfly and moth collection boxes, rearing the larval and adult stages of some insect species for earning.

The different biological stages of parasitoid and predatory insects can be reared and then sold as small business. The eggs, Larvae, nymph and adult stages of most of the beneficial insects are being sold as bio pesticide in the biological control and IPM program of different agricultural insect’s pests. In short, insects play an important role in someone’s economy.

On the other hand, eco-farming is the backbone of the organic agriculture, nowadays; it is the era of organic agriculture. For spreading and introducing the eco-farming to different people in society awareness programs must be started from the experts.

In this regards, the initial focused communities are students and young entrepreneurs because these people are the builders of future, they can also play an important role for the improvement and development of eco-faming in the society, they are active, easily accessible and have the ability to convince their parents., elders, small farmers and relatives about eco-farming and the importance of different insect species.

They can establish eco villages and protect the endemic insect species with the cooperation and association of village residents. First of all, an awareness programme should be initiated by engaging the students and young entrepreneurs. Primary, high school and colleges students along with their teachers and parents should be educated about the role and importance of insects in eco-farming.

Young entrepreneurs can invest and help to increase their home economy as well as the economy of the country by manipulating insects and adopting the eco-farming. They would be able to establish their own business and also provide job opportunities to the fresh graduated and jobless individuals.

Manipulation of insects in eco-farming can be implemented in nurseries, laboratories and open field, and it is applicable in urban areas too. Suitable and suggested areas for eco-farming and use of insects in small business to the young entrepreneurs by the experts are:

Nursery raising, apiculture, sericulture, eco-tourism, establishment of eco-village, training of small farmers, community based organic agriculture, introducing and rearing of beneficial insects as bio-controlling agent, importance of biological control in eco-farming; etc.