Power China to hike finance in Pakistan's wind energy

A prevalent investor ‘Power China Company’ announced to increase the investment in wind and coal energy sectors of Pakistan that lessens the significant challenges in revamping the network.

Power China to hike finance in Pakistan's wind energyIn this regard, the Chinese group and Port Qasim Electric Power Company were holding a press conference in Karachi.

Few days earlier, Pakistan signed 11 agreements with China in the sectors of Information Technology, agriculture, railways and chemicals.

Advisor to Prime Minister on Commerce, Textile, and Industry Abdul Razak Dawood said that few days earlier an agreement was also made on film and TV, Information Technology, agriculture, railways, wind energy and chemicals sector between both the irony country Pakistan and China.

Abdul Razak Dawood emphasized that “Many investors are ready to come to Pakistan,” around 400 investors had come to attend the Belt and Road Forum. “I was surprised to see so many investors in the forum.”