CRISPR gene-editing to put an end to heart diseases

Genetics already play a great role in figuring out people’s risk of heart disease. A new biotech startup Verve Therapeutics has come up with an innovative plan to use CRISPR gene-editing technology to put an end to heart diseases.

CRISPR gene-editing to put an end to heart diseasesCRISPR gene-editing includes a process by which genes are cut out of or inserted into a person’s DNA strand. The firm’s plan is to use CRISPR in order to edit genes of adults with a greater genetic risk of heart problems so that they more closely resemble the genes of people with a naturally low risk of such ailments.

“Poor adherence, costs, side effects, limited access all these challenges have limited the impact existing heart medications like cholesterol-lowering statins have had,” Sekar Kathiresan, Verve’s CEO.

The firm is currently exploring seven various genes that scientists have found leave people with a natural resistance to coronary artery disease. It plans to select one or two genes over the next year in order to initiate clinical trials.

Verve believes that interesting one gene into a person’s DNA will permanently lower their bad cholesterol and cut down their livelihood of having a heart attack.

“With our therapy, we could change the treatment paradigm for heart disease from chronic care, daily pills, or monthly injections to a one-and-done approach,” Kathiresan asserted.

Moreover, the Verve Therapeutics soon enough found a major firm to back it up. As per the firm, it had raised $58.5 million in financing, most of which came through GV (Google Ventures), the venture capital arm of Google’s parent company Alphabet.

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