Sanofi Pakistan & DAP to hold sixth int’l diabetes conference

To purged the increasing number of diabetes patients in the country. Sanofi Pakistan and the Diabetes Association of Pakistan (DAP) is organizing the sixth joint international diabetes conference in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.

Sanofi Pakistan & DAP to hold sixth int’l diabetes conference

From all over Pakistan and across the world all academic and professional experts on diabetes will gather to talk about on preemptive measures, dietary control, and cure of the disease.

The second national diabetes survey of Pakistan 2016-2017 had exposed that the disease had reached rampant proportions and that there was an imperative need to bargain methods to efficiently control and treat the looming disease and must need to gadget policies in this regard.

Sanofi Pakistan General Manager and Managing Director Dr Asim Jamal underlined that “It is alarming that every fourth person in Pakistan is a diabetes patient.”

Sanofi not only provides treatment through insulin and other medicines but also through the diabetes consultation and other medical events and science workshops it has been providing Pakistani medical experts with the latest in medical research and information on the subject,” he further added.