Sabaq startup selected for EdTech Prize in Dubai

A Karachi-based high-tech startup renowned as ‘Sabaq’ working towards refurbishing the education sector in Pakistan, has made it as one of the top six finalists competing for the ‘Next Billion EdTech Prize’ in Dubai.

Sabaq startup selected for EdTech Prize in DubaiThe competition was held at the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai, where 30 edtech (educational technology) startups presented their innovative solutions to revolutionize education.

Sabaq CEO and co-founder Hassan Bin Rizwan in their preliminary pitch, tinted how storytelling and appealing digital content is helpful in igniting a child’s imagination.

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He talk about Sabaq’s flagship product ‘Muse’ that uses storytelling and animations to make schoolings fun and engaging for the budding Childs to flourish in the educational technology.”

Muse is an android-based digital learning solution that teachers use in a learning environment seeking to pervade technology into the teaching methodology.

Using the power of storytelling and fascinating digital content, a fun digital learning solution ready that makes lessons engaging and increases student performance. It currently has more than 1,500 digital lessons and tests.  

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As, we all are aware that technology gradually revolutionized everything that heftily becomes an applicable reality, through this high-tech eon we can build a prosperous education system to impart both the education and the forthcoming future ‘technology’.

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