NASA looks to Saturn moon titan for human colony

A NASA engineer named Janelle Wellons recently said that if Earth becomes uninhabitable, we should probably think about settling Saturn moon Titan due to its numerous benefits, which also include flying around simply by attaching wings.

NASA looks to Saturn moon titan for human colony

“It has a thick atmosphere that could help protect us from space radiation,” Wellons. “It is so dense that we could actually attach wings to our arms and fly on this moon. I don’t know, it just seems like an awesome place to live.”

One of the user asked where the team would recommend settling if conditions on Earth became unlivable, to which Wellons gave in her suggestion claiming it to be a ‘more interesting answer than the standard Mars of Moon response’.

“How about we consider one of the water worlds in our solar system — Titan,” she wrote. “Titan is the largest moon of Saturn, larger than the planet Mercury even, so I think we could settle with plenty room.”

However, despite the suggestion, Titan has its own downsides. For one, it only gets about 1% of sunlight Earth gets, and according to NASA’s research, its maximum temperature can reach up to -180°C.

Also, though one could walk around on Titan without a spacesuit, but would still require an oxygen mask and protection from the immense col.

“Now as for the conditions on the surface — not as rough as you may think.” “Titan is the only place besides Earth known to have liquids in the form of lakes and seas on its surface.

These liquids are made of methane but, armed with the right kind of protective gear, one could theoretically be able to swim without harm!”