2019 will be the year of Solar Roof – Tesla CEO Elon

During the unveiling of Tesla’s highly anticipated Model Y,CEO Tesla Elon Musk shared his vision for his company’s immediate future and it had little to do with cars.

2019 will be the year of Solar Roof - Tesla CEO Elon

“This is definitely going to be the year of the Solar Roof and Powerwall,” he told the audience. Asign that Tesla is shifting its focus from the road to the home, with the ultimate goal of creating a fully sustainable future.

In August 2017, Tesla gave the world its first glimpse of an installed Solar Roof, and it looked, well, a lot like any other roof. But that was the point  Tesla’s solar tiles didn’t have the jarring appearance of many home solar panels.

But now that Model 3 production is humming along, Tesla has the bandwidth to shift some of its engineering focus back to its Solar Roof and home batteries, according to Musk.

And that should go a long way toward helping the company meet its ambitious goal of a more sustainable energy system.

“Solar plus battery plus electric vehicles, we have a fully sustainable future,” Musk. “That’s a future you can feel really excited and optimistic about. I think that really matters.”

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