Nanorobotics to fight with cancerous cells in body

Bacterial Based Nanorobotics: The cell is the basic unit of life. Our body contain multiple types of cells that perform different tasks in body. Every cell contain control house within it known as nucleus that exhibit chromosomes in it.

Nanorobotics to fight with cancerous cells in body

The chromosomes are basically the house full of genes that assign the future of that particular cell by providing information coded in proteins and RNA molecules due to which the cell performs different functions for example; When the cells have to divide? When the cells have to go for death? What should be the nature of the cell?

Usually the genes code information correctly but sometimes mutation occurs due to loss of gene, gene damage or they may be copied twicely that leads to mad division of cells known as cancer that is the leading cause of death.

From past decades the cancerous cells are treated through the chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Their are different side effects of these therapies e.g hair loss ,fatigue, anemia, nausea, body temperature fluctuation.

To eliminate these side effects the scientist are moving towards very fast, target specific, painless and automated technique known to be nanorobotics due to their small size of 0.5 – 3 micron or 1-100 nm parts.

The bacterial based nanorobots are designed in such a way that, they can recognize the area of low oxygen because rapid prolifration of tumors cells leads to the formation of oxygen evacuate zone and these zones are very hard to treat.

To make nanorobots more effective for the treatment microsensor, actuator and therapeutics agents are used that are biodegradeable naturally. Inside the nanorobots there is vaccumic environment and outside they can not be effected by body fluids and chemicals. These nanorobots contain small amount of chemical energy that become fuel for their survival when they combine with blood.

The nanorobots contain the optimal quantity of nanomedicines that  is injected deep inside the tumor cells by the mean of pricking with needle. The navigation of nanorobots is controlled by using those bacteria that have megnatosomes effect in them.

For example: Magnetococcus marinus,  nanorobot then find out the way to reach its targeted site that are cancerous cells by the mean of magnetic field that is also examined externally by researcher with the help of  small size of camera fitted inside the nanorobots  to detect the location of nanorobots inside the body.

The nanorobots only destroy cancerous cells without touching healthy cells, and dispel out them through the body.The field of nanorobotics becoming more advance and promising day by day for the treatment of cancer.