Image Hashing a robust and secure communication

As the human being is been sent to the earth, it started to explore the ways of communication in order to exchange and pass on the information either in the verbal, signal or in the form of gesture.

Image Hashing a robust and secure communication

With the passing ages, millions of languages and writing transcriptions have been exercised around the globe. In the modern era, the computational development has brought a revolution in the field of communication. The exchange rate of information by the means of images, videos and text are been expanding exponentially with every passing day.

The communicational facilitation’s and services are indispensable but along the side, the science of fetching information through the communication channels has become a critical issue which has attained much attraction of researcher, developers and business entities.

A number of business corporations have invested in the form of hardware and software development that are used in the generation of information in the form of Images and Videos. But still, it can be observed that secure communication protocols development has been confined to a few organizations.

The secure protocols for text like MD5, MD6, and SHA-1 are implementing across the globe to generate a secure hash function of the text information. But, the images are different in characteristics and contain bulky data which undergoes channel manipulations like rotation, brightness, sharpness etc.

The protocols like MD5 are not thus suitable for image hashing because of vulnerability against channel manipulations. An image hash is to be robust, secure and compact at the same time.

Moreover, it is also employed in the field of image retrieval, object detection, and face recognition. Although, research has been carried out in this field yet there is room left in the sector of development and investment as well.

The methodology is helpful in the development of secure communication services for both civilian and military purposes. The concept is applicable in the field of multimedia communication; multimedia data fetching out of a huge database with low computation time, efficient face and object detection.

In Pakistan, a number of internet facilitation’s and telecom companies are operational thus there seems a lot of room for the investors to do business in this field. Along the side, the developed algorithms and gadgets can be operational in any region so the products are exportable to other neighboring countries.

By Junaid Shahid

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