Google clarifies query pertinent to Pakistan Flag

Google’s inappropriate search result found to be compromised. But now a tech giant Google clarifies the query pertinent to Pakistan Flag.

Google clarifies query pertinent to Pakistan Flag

As confer to users, searching for the “best toilet paper in the world,” the Google User Interface apparently showed results connecting to the national flag.

Subsequent to the Pulwama attack the pressure mounting between the two countries Pakistan and India comes after a tedious incident recruits in Indian-occupied Kashmir on a security fleet. And becomes the trending outlet in the past week.

A Google delegate while responding to queries stated, “While we prolong to investigate the stuff, Google have not found any evidence that Images was ranked the Pakistani flag comeback to this meticulous search.”

“Many news outlets wrote about an old screenshot from a meme website that is inconsistent with our UI and dates back to 2017, and we have not seen any independent verification that these results ever appeared as depicted”.