Flaws of Creativity

Creativity is roughly definable as the process of generating novel and worthwhile ideas or objects and is thought to involve several types of cognitive abilities.

Flaws of Creativity

Cognitive Processes:

Some forms of creativity depend on the joint engagement of two types of cognitive processes that might be seen as otherwise working in competition: executive control and spontaneous thinking.

Executive control describes the processes that regulate mental resources. In contrast, spontaneous thinking is instead a mode of mental activity in which the association between the flow of thoughts, emotions, images, sounds and so on is less regulated, in a continuous stream of internal processing.

Executive control allows for the selection and evaluation of ideas that are generated via spontaneous thinking to check if the new combinations can be executed or not, and at what costs, and whether they successfully solve a problem or express what was intended.


    • Creativity can lead to the sustainable development in the landscape.
    • Creativity can fulfill the recharge process nowadays in landscape ideology.
    • As Curiosity is the strong element of creativity, so it must be there, if it is not present it leads to the vanishing effect to all over the landscape .
    • Ideas must be innovative behind creativity.
    • Landscape elements must be obeyed properly during creating a design.
    • Perception is the strongest element for landscape ideology.
    • Color is the basic tool of creativity.
  • A person must be a good observer and analyzer.

Components of creativity :

    • Expertise
    • Creative thinking skills
  • Motivation

How to boost creative thinking ?

      1. Consume content that’s way outside your comfort zone.
      1. Write a 500 word article with no topic whatsoever.
      1. Go see a movie in a movie theater.
      1. Take a phone call with someone you don’t know.
      1. Eat differently.
    1. Do the “No Bad Ideas Brainstorming” exercise.

Hierarchy of Imagination :

Here’s the imagination steps; imagination, create innovations, problem solving to the innovations and at the end reflex instinctive and immediate reaction to external environs.


By Tooba Suhail

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