More budget required for PCRET to attain energy goals

Science and Technology committee demands additional budget from government to augment Pakistan Council of Renewable Energy Technologies (PCRET) to accomplish the goal of clean and green energy which is the need of the hour.

 More budget required for PCRET to attain energy goals

Senator Mushtaq Ahmad mourn that 18th amendment is being used as a bailout package to avoid ownership and responsibility by institutions thus further make worse public woes and hardships. PCRET is an important institution but lack of sponsorship from the government has paralyzed it to the level where PCRET is struggling for its survival.

PCRET Director General, Dr Baqir Raza informed that the council is mandated to conduct research, developed, promote renewable energy technologies; however, it is constrained in functioning with full dangle due to financial and human resource limitations. More than 50% of the technical posts are vacant and difficulties are also being faced in career growth of the staff. 

Dr. Baqir Raza also piercing that no allowance has been made in PSDP since 2007 and the research and development budget is merely Rs16.00 million which is not sufficient to carry out research and development activities.

The committee anticipated to Pakistan Council of Renewable Energy Technologies (PCRET) to develop strong linkages with pertinent industries and synchronization with other institutions to efficiently attain its goals and objectives. 

The committee proposed Solarization of all the government buildings and dependence of government offices on renewable energy options. The committee articulated bewilderment to know that such an important institution remained continuously neglected by successive governments.