Scientists need more research on diseases & drought-resistant

Pakistan’s prevalent three-day international symposium organized by Punjab University National Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biology entitled as “Advances in Molecular Biology of Plants and Health Sciences” at Riazuddin Auditorium.

Scientists need more research on diseases & drought-resistant

The scientists at a symposium have called upon the need to do more research on diseases and drought-resistant seeds of vegetables to determine the issues in agriculture sector.

PU Faculty of Life Sciences Dean Prof Dr Firdous-e-Barin, CEMB Director Prof Dr Tayyab Husnain, Dr Razi Abbas Shamsi, Prof Dr Ikramul Haq, Prof Dr Fazal-e-Majid, faculty members and over 100 scientists from Japan, Malaysia, Turkey, Nigeria, as well as from different exalted institutes of Pakistan were there on the event.

Addressing the symposium, the scientists explained that an assortment of recent researches had explored to cure serious and common diseases in human beings while research was also being done on genetic reasons behind deafness, blindness and other such diseases.

Dr Tayyab Husnain CEMB Director said that CEMB was working stiff to discover molecular biology in various research areas, including plant biotechnology, seed technology, plant genomics, functional genomics, forensics sciences, virology, genetic diseases, stem cells and bio safety allied issues.

Prof Dr Firdaus-e-Bareen said researchers at CEMB were working for wellbeing of the ordinary man. She highly praised the efforts of scientists and personnel of CEMB for organizing the mega event and cherished the productive idea of Dr Tayyab Husnain to endow with a platform for scientists to present their research.

A two-day workshop for keen and aspiring hematologists is being organized in Lahore in collaboration with Royal College of Pathologists UK. The workshop aims to diagnose and supervise different hematological disorders in a better way.

On the first day, different Consultant Hematologists, including Dr Waseem Nagi from UK discussed various clinical dilemmas in Hematology, which is the branch of medicine involving study and treatment of the blood.

The idea at the back of the international symposium was to congregate scientists; share science and look for ways to collaborate.