Pakistan Railways to launch e-ticketing, tracking app

Pakistan Railways is prepared to launch a mobile-based application for e-ticketing, tracking to facilitate a large number of customers by providing them information about timings and location of the train besides enabling them to get tickets online.

Pakistan Railways to launch e-ticketing, tracking app

Syed Mudassar Hussain, an Informational Technology expert said that trackers would be installed in all trains that would update the customers about locations, upcoming stations and even the speed of their train. On experimental basis, the trackers were installed in few trains to measure the app’s performance and results were 100%.

Pakistan’s Railway smart phone application to a large extent better, faster and highly developed to get information as compared to previous system of inquiry through 117.

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IT expert Mudassar Hussain gifted this mobile application to Prime Minister Imran Khan and will not charge a single penny from the government for developing e-ticketing.

The IT expert said all the profit of this mobile application received through advertisement would go to the Pakistan Railways, which would manage and scamper this application.

Pakistan Railways take care of its passengers and with each passing day was trying its best to make the journey trouble-free and economical and the key is that the development of national economy was allied with a strong railway system. Keeping in line e-ticketing, tracking  smart application provides all the required information without much hassle.