Climate change costs $384m to Pakistan last year

Climate Change is a scorching matter of these days as it is affecting the world in several ways. However, Pakistan has suffered an economic loss of $384 million due to tremendous weather events last year. 

Climate change costs $384m to Pakistan last year

According to a new climate change index, China Global Television Network (CGTN) reported the countries that faced severe climate change including Bangladesh suffered a loss of 2.8 billion US dollars, India 13.7 billion dollars, Pakistan 384 million dollars, Sri Lanka three billion dollars, and China 30 billion dollars.

The Asian countries are in front of the most destructive impacts of rising temperatures, factors that are predictable to go ahead to a large number of deaths and immense economic fatalities.

On a global scale, five Asian countries figure among the top ten worst-affected countries due to extreme weather proceedings. The index ranked countries on the basis of the number of deaths and financial loss expected due to extreme weather events.

Globally, more than 526,000 people died as a direct result of more than 11,500 extreme weather events in 2017, and the economic losses due to climate change between 1998 and 2017 amounted to around 3.47 trillion US dollars, according to the tale.

Climate Change hits the developing countries badly as, extreme weather events also threaten the further development of upper-middle-income countries and can even overburden high-income countries, Eckstein said.

He added that countries like Haiti, The Philippines, Sri Lanka and Pakistan are repeatedly hit by extreme weather events and have no time to recover fully.

There are many possible solutions to combat climate change negative impacts which involve community, individuals, governments and other agencies of the world.

In addition, Pakistan is taking foremost and immediate steps to combat the worsening of climate change and to conquer the economic loss that extend vigorously in form of $384 million due to tremendous weather patterns.