Ministry grasp Science Expo for Motivating Young Scientists

Federal Ministry of Science and Technology will assemble Science Expo in the month of January at the newly established Science and Technology Park of Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) in Lahore to stimulate talented youthful scientists.

Ministry grasp Science Expo for Motivating Young Scientists

The Science Expo conference to motivate young scientists at Science and Technology Park was earlier scheduled to be held in the month of December however postponed due to certain reasons.

The science expo will endow a platform to the young and professional scientists to congregate at a place and share the emerging science trends and innovations which are very important to espouse for the country to progress and prosper.

The Senate Standing Committee on Science and Technology in its meeting also stressed out to position Science Expo in the country on regular basis so that young and aspiring scientists and science lovers can learn from each other’s experiences.

Considering this sector as a backbone for any country’s progress, the meeting renowned that the country is lagging behind in science and technology sector with a very low pace development and insufficient budgetary allotment.

Advancement in science and technology sector is fundamental to make available employment, assuage poverty and make a payment to economic diversification.

The science expo will display dissimilar and most up-to-date scientific products, instruments and other inventions by the local scientists and researchers which would help generate a association between these innovations and the relevant industries.