KBP demands Sugar mills start Sugar-cane crushing immediately

The Kisan board Pakistan (KBP) urged the government to make sugar-mills right away start sugar-cane crushing season, in addition assure the purchase of the crop at the government fixed rate of Rs 180 per maund.

KBP demands Sugar mills start Sugar-cane crushing immediately

The Kisan board Pakistan (KBP) office-conveyor including its president Chaudhry Nisar Ahmad, Central Secretary General Shaukat Ali, Senior Vice President Mian Farooq Ahamd, Secretary Information Haji Muhammad Ramzan, made the demand of crushing the sugar cane at the first most priority, at a Lahore Press Club Conference.

Kisan board Pakistan (KBP) said that November 15 was the date given for starting the sugar-cane crushing season, but the sugar-mills did not start the process yet.

The office-conveyor announced beginning their protest from Friday and execute demonstrations at all district headquarters regard to the sugar-cane crushing that was still pending at the end of sugar-mills.

The sugar mills are bound to purchase sugarcane from the farmers at the rate of Rs 180 per maund.  If sugar-cane crushing season was delayed any more it would delay the cultivation of wheat on hundreds of thousands of acres of land. It will not only damage the farmers but also the national GDP

Belated start of crushing of crops involves a cost on the part of sugar cane producers as they are required to provide irrigation water to their crop in fields which is otherwise to be utilized for wheat sowing of winter season.

Sugarcane is an important cash crop of Pakistan. It is mainly grown for sugar and sugary production and is an important source of income and employment for the farming community of the country.

Kisan board Pakistan (KBP) warned that legal action will be initiated against the sugar mills failing to start the crushing season well in time. If the process did not start immediately, the entire Kisan board conveyors initiate protest in front of the Punjab Assembly.