Rare Fish Species from Gwadar Sold for Rs1.1 million

An extremely expensive and rare kind of fish species ‘croaker fish’ apprehend by the local fisherman in the port city of Pakistan Gwadar and was auctioned for a gigantic sum, exactly for an amount of Rs1.1 million.

Rare Fish Species from Gwadar Sold for Rs1.1 million

A fish species weighing forty-one kilogram and label as croaker fish or Arabian Sea meagre fish Argyrosomus henii, which is locally known as Kir (sowa) was apprehend near the Pishukan few days back.

This kind of fish group is admired for its all-embracing use in the manufacture of many medicines owing to the presence of a special ingredient.

The ingredient found in the fish is more of value than the meat and is used by the pharma firms for producing surgical items.

The croaker fish arrives near the coastal area only during the breeding season, otherwise catching this fish species is hard-hitting.

Croaker fish is a very good eating fish. The flesh is off white with a good medium flavor. Skin shrink of croaker fish is severe and does not relax. This croaker fish can grow to 22 inches and 5 pounds 11 ounces.

The Arabian Sea/ Croaker fish is a center for oil shipping. As a result oil spills, anchor damage, sedimentation, and other pollution effects.

Abdul Raheem the environmental expert and the senior member of Gwadar Development Authority said that in 2017 more rare fishes were captured and were sold for millions of rupees.

Although the local fishermen receive a huge sum of money for the rare species of the breed in Karachi the firms were getting much more prices than they are paying at the local level.