CASA 1,000 Energy Project to commence by 2020

CASA-1,000 energy project is likely to be fully operational by 2020.Tajikistan is ready to supply Pakistan with 1000 MW inexpensive electricity in order to converge its potential energy needs.

CASA 1,000 Energy Project to commence by 2020

Tajikistan Ambassador Sherali S Jononov, during his visit to the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) stated that Tajikistan was very much conscious of the energy requirements of Pakistan, also electricity would be supplied to Pakistan under the Central Asia-South Asia (Casa 1,000) energy project.

The Rogun dam has gone into operation with much fanfare while only 75 of its intended 335 meters have been built. Pakistan is now at the threshold of rising on the globe and its significance has greater than before under the CPEC. Central Asian countries including Tajikistan now have the shortest access to sea via Gwadar Port.

Pakistan’s trade and business community shall join hands and come forward to obtain advantage of the emerging opportunities. In future, tariff rates would be rationalized for enhanced collaboration and bilateral trade activities.

The Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI)  President Malik Shahid Saleem, vocalizations on the juncture affirmed that Pakistan’s financial system was taking a bound and voiced hope that the Casa-1,000 energy project would help Islamabad meet its energy requirement.

The RCCI president apprised the diplomat of the current and upcoming activities of the chamber the fact that there is requirement for exchange of trade delegations by chambers from both the sides, the tourism can be a fundamental source for such alliance. For initiating direct flights between Dushanbe and Islamabad.

CASA-1000, would help make the most efficient use of clean hydropower resources in the Central Asian countries by enabling them to transfer and sell their electricity surplus to the deficient countries in South Asia.

The CASA-1000 project would also complement the countries’ efforts to improve electricity access, integrate and expand markets to increase trade, and find sustainable solutions to water resources management.