UPDATE JAN 2019: The award system has been halted for the time being. You will continue to get points. Awards will be given when we will announce again. Thank you for your cooperation and participation.

Technology Times now brings you a chance to earn! Simply keep on earning points and you will get your reward!

Hello Readers!

By now, you would have seen the TechCoin earnings page we have set up on your profile. We have finally decided to give an incentive to our daily visitors and writers (Yaayy!)

Earlier, we were only helping out our writers to reach a broad audience and get in touch with high profile professionals. This helped the writers to build their profile and get funding from different organizations. This also helped writers to get accepted for offshore research scholarships.

Now, to further engage our writers, we present you our awarding scheme which will allow our writers to get an award every month!

Yes! you can now get up to PKR 5000 (this value is only for now, more cash is to come later on!) every month for writing for us!

How to get this award?

Getting this award (up to PKR 5000 for now!) is not difficult at all! Remember that you need to get the most number of coins before the end of each month.

Here are the ways through which you can get this award and compete with others:

Sign up and login for the first time

See! not difficult at all. If you have not already signed up, just head over and Register to get your first 100 Tech Coins.

Update your Profile

An important step is to create your profile right away. This will not only give you points but also get you listed in the directory of known people at Technology Times. Head over to your profile now and set it up! This will get you 50 Tech Coins.

For the regular visitors of our website:

Visit Technology Times regularly

For each day visit, you get 5 Tech Coins

Visit any writing

You get 1 Tech Coin for each article you see on our website and read the first two paragraphs (2 mins of reading). There are more than 10,000 (ten thousand) writings on our website that you can check out!

Comment on any writing

Go ahead and read a bit more of the writing; then make a good comment. Praise the writing, criticize it, give your suggestions or put in your two words to show your support. Once the comment gets approved, you get 10 Tech Coins!

For the new, old and upcoming writers:

Submit any writing

Whenever you write a latest news for us, submit a good article or any other writing, you get 500 Tech Coins when its gets approved!

Get a comment on your writing

After your writing is reviewed and approved, you can ask your friends and family to comment on your writing. This will get you 2 Tech Coins on each comment. Keep on asking friends to comment (valid comments of course) and you will get more coins when the comments are approved.

Every time when people see your writing

We will also give you Tech Coins whenever someone visits your writing. For the time being, each visitor you bring will give you 1 Tech Coin ( and 100 visitors will give you 100 coins and so on)

With this, we are resetting everyone’s Tech Coins to zero. This award series starts from 01 December 2018. Before that, you are more than welcome to earn Tech Coins which will help you out in getting you award!

Start Getting Tech Coins Now!

By Web Team

Technology Times Web team handles all matters relevant to website posting and management.