Students in China face calamity as govt fails to pay stipend

Students round about 270 sent to china under the Punjab CM’s Chinese language programme are facing difficulties as they have not received their monthly stipend.

Students in China face calamity as govt fails to pay stipend

A fixed remuneration of Rs50,000 is paid to the students studying in two-year Chinese language programme which is funded by the Punjab government on a monthly basis.

Bulks of the students deprived of delicate resources are facing starvation in the foreign land as the amount that was made-up to be released on first and second of every month has not been transferred to the accounts of the aspirants. 

500 students from different universities of Punjab had been sent to universities in China more than a year ago to study Chinese language course. After completing the Chinese language programme about 230 students have returned to Pakistan as they received the stipend on a regular basis for two years.

On the other hand, the remaining 270 students are still enrolled in the programme and are awaiting release of finances from the government.

Students studying in China tried to contact the financial head office of the University of Education Lahore a number of times but they didn’t receive a rejoinder in this regard.

The current government has failed to allocate a budget for the purpose creating hardships for the students studying in china.

PTI government came into power after the general elections, it paid the stipend for two months to the students but now all the funds allocated by the former Punjab government have been worn out.

Due to this reason many aspirants faced problem on a foreign land as the remuneration process is pending from the government side under the Punjab CM’s Chinese language programme.