021Disrupt Conference Connects Worldwide Investors with Pakistan’s Startup Community

021Disrupt is back in the city to endow with a common opportunity to budding entrepreneurs and innovators who are looking for to take the plunge in Pakistan’s developing investment sector.

021Disrupt Conference Connects Worldwide Investors with Pakistan’s Startup Community

 021Disrupt the international conference with Pakistan’s startup community on entrepreneurship and innovation with the aim of connecting the world’s leading investors, innovators, and tech pioneers with Pakistan’s burgeoning startup community.

The 2-day conference, organized by the country’s leading technology incubator P@SHA’s Tech Incubator – The Nest I/O, was attended by more than 30 institutional investors, 280 startups and over 50 speakers from home and abroad.

Jehan Ara, President P@SHA and Founder of The Nest I/O, commenting that, “021Disrupt has become the go-to event for the startup community of Pakistan while investors from around the world use it as the hunting ground for investment opportunities. We are so proud of the brand and global network that we have created around 021Disrupt and hope to continue to raise the bar in the coming years”.

Some of the leading VC’s that participated in this year’s celebrated event included Lumia Capital, Middle East Venture Partners, Alter Global, Fatima Ventures, Valhalla Capital, Wamda Capital, GOBI VC, Lakson Investments Venture Capital and Sarmayacar, among countless others.

GOBI Partners an investment subsidize that focuses on early juncture, IT and digital media companies, announced investment in ‘Sasta Ticket’ a Pakistani startup showcasing at the impressive occasion.

Lamsa, a children’s edutainment app with over 12 million downloads, announced that it will be launching an Urdu version of the app for Pakistani audiences.

Beverage massive Coca-Cola about ‘The Dasani Discovery Challenge’, which invites entrepreneurs to counter the issues of plastic waste management using innovative solutions.

021Disrupt attracted not only well-known speakers from around the globe but also resulted in investments for confined startups like Dreamnode, ModulusTech and SmartChoice.

The International Conference featuring well-regarded influencers, investors, accelerators and start-up entrepreneurs from not just the country but from across the globe, with a vision to bring about an impact in the country’s investment ecosystem. Pakistan had many best startups and investors which can boost the country towards prosperity.