Super food cultivation started in Pakistan

Faisalabad Katwala Agri-education and tourism corporation has start working on preparation of super food/super crops and their cultivation in Pakistan to protect citizens from different type of diseases.

Super food cultivation started in Pakistan

Super food is the kind of food which have more health benefits and have more nutrition than others routine foods. In super food there is more fiber more proteins, minerals etc. If we enlist super foods there is avocado, mushrooms, moringas.

While talking to CEO Agri Education Pakistan Muhammad Safeer Abbas Jafrey said, super foods are climate smart and with the promotion of these food we can easily enhance our Foreign Exchange.

Agri-tourism departments and many other private organizations are already working on these super foods. As we know 60% of Pakistan population have growth deficiency so with the help of these superfood growth can reduce deficiency.

In addition, super food has great medicinal values. Like mushroom have many proteins with no amount of sodium which is very helpful for anti-aging and also help heart and cancer diseases.

It is medically proven that the moringa helps in the treatment of above 300 diseases.

Awareness campaigns plays a vital role to let citizens know about superfoods and super crops and utilize these naturals foods for the betterment of their health and also to get rid of different type of diseases.