Hult Prize Mentorship

The world’s biggest movement for Social Impact Hult Prize Mentorship Session held at Comsats University Islamabad.

Hult prize CUI arranges an Mentorship session

National Director of the Hult Prize Pakistan Imran Jatala and Saram Bokhari Project Director Centre for Social Entrepreneurship Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform chaired the Social Impact Hult Prize Mentorship Session.

Aim of this session is to provide a platform to the students to learn not only to get profit out of a business but learn to get profit by giving back to society.

Hult Prize is a platform to win a One Million US Dollars by just a wonderful idea. Hult Prize basically encourages the Innovation instead of invention.

Its primary focus is employment in 10 days. It is something that one can dream of, something for a greater cause, greater good and above all, it’s something greater than ourselves.

Saram Bokhari discuss entrepreneurship pros and cons. He further elaborates about why some businesses fail while other succeeds. First key point of a successful business is customer; identify your customer and then uniqueness and feasibility of idea, corporate social responsibility, contribution of CSE with a step forward success stories and blogs. We must have to look upon the decline of successful businesses as well.

National Director of the Hult Prize Pakistan Imran Jatala discussed about Social Entrepreneurship. He further told some social entrepreneurs to comprehend the basic idea of a startups and how to lead for good and for product.

Comsats University Islamabad start registration for the global Hult Prize. Register your team today and become part of the global Hult Prize Family. One idea and a road to US$1 Million. Hult Prize on Campus Competition to be held on 4th Decemeber, 2018 at Comsats Islamabad.