A workshop was organized at invention to innovation summit Baluchistan 2018 on the popularizing science, academics are failed to communicate science by Technology Times in collaboration with Pakistan Science Foundation.

The workshop was led by the prominent academicians and Science journalist. They focus on the different aspect of the possibilities of popularizing science.

Prof. Dr. Mudassir Asrar from the University of Baluchistan graced the event as guest of honor along with other speakers for the workshop includes Dr. Shazia Saeed form the department of botany university of Balochistan, Dr. Bahram khan form the Department of Media Sciences and Sayyed Paris Ali Editor Technology Times newspaper.

While addressing the students Dr Shazia Saeed said that how people face problems in communicating science that are not familiar to the science. She focused on the point that the science communication needs to be implemented properly to get most out of it. The best way of make people known to the science communication is to make it public and organizing this workshop is one step toward it.

Dr. Bahram Khan told the audience about the terminologies that are used in science and their links with media and how media narrate these terminologies and these science terminology needs to be address properly.

Sayyed Paras Ali editor Technology Times while addressing the audience said that the science communication plays a vital role in building a strong communication skill.

He further added that science communication can benefits you in many different ways its help in building your identity, makes you known to the people and it also helps in making some good money. Science communication also helps in developing the carrier.

The purpose of the workshop is the orientation to science communication in broader context. Workshop Session was designed to equip participants with core knowledge required to plan, implement and evaluate science communication activities in order to make complex science accessible to public.

Such workshops need to be organized on constant bases to make people aware of the rapid advancement that is going on in the field of science and technology because science and technology can play important role in social and economic development on any country.