Girl Digital Leader PR:  Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC)- JUW in Collaboration with TECH Pakistan arranged Training Session Girl Digital Leader on 10th & 17th February 2018.

The main purpose of this workshop was, that “Girl Digital Leader” is an initiative of TECH Pakistan; focused on building opportunities via digital empowerment, employment and entrepreneurship for young women. The program offers a deliberately designed and focused curriculum based capacity building training; alongside connecting them with a safe digital platform called Blogspay; empowering them to utilized it as their respective earning source. In addition to that “Girl Digital Leader” is determined to develop an influential gender specific, digitally aware cohort that intends to disrupt the world’s digital space with female voices. The two day workshop is consist of a series training for the young women aged between 13 – 24 years, inculcating specific skills and tools comprised of three core topics; digital literacy, financial literacy and Life skills.

The ceremony was started with the recitation of Holy Qur’an. Dr. Rahsida Rahmat Zohra, (Director ORIC, Jinnah Univer

sity for Women, Karachi), started the workshop with the introduction of Team TECH Pakistan. She gave brief introduction of workshop, She appreciated the enthusiastic efforts made by the ORIC and University management for empowering and facilitating women in collaboration with TECH Pakistan. She shared her thoughts that JUW has played a vital role in promoting women education since beginning and it will keep moving forward in this mission in future too. She also thanked TECH Pakistan Team for their initiative.

DAY 1:

Giral Digital Leader Speaker Humaira Anwar (Development Strategist TECH Pakistan & Program Manager; Girl Digital Leader) started session with thank you note to all students and ORIC-JUW. She gave detailed introduction of Girl Digital Leader.

She said today we are living in digital world and digital literacy is basically today’s World. Our life’s totally depend on mobile phones or laptops, so you can also earn from these things by using internet or social networking. In past social media is just friendship platform for us but today you can earn very good amount of  money, empower yourself and can become entrepreneur from these platforms. She expressed her wish is to turn youth around that high and make them new sensession of country. She said, this session will give good message to world about our country. The workshop was divided into different sessions including the overview of some training ground rules, brief introduction of students and highlighted the benefits of becoming a digital leader. She also discussed the barriers of society due to which women are bound to stay at home instead of doing outdoor jobs. In these kind of situations Tech Pakistan is willing to make women realize their strength and capabilities. The main focus was to bring their own belief in themselves. The first day of workshop was an introductory day, so she discussed the blogging protocols step by step in detail and also gave a little task to students to think about their first blog title.


Bank team consist of 3 members:

Ms. Nargis, she first gave introduction about “FIRST WOMEN BANK”, then Mr. Faizan (ATM Security specialist) gave detailed introduction about the use of ATM and security guidelines, then 3rd member of their team introduced PRIME MINISTER YOUTH BUSINESS LOANS (AMYBL) scheme. “This scheme will focus on unemployed youth, especially educated youth looking for establishing or extending business enterprises”. The first day session was ended on distribution of certification distribution among students for their selection in “Girl Digital Power”.

DAY 2:


Giral Digital Leader Speaker “Humaira Anwar” (Development Strategist TECH Pakistan & Program Manager; Girl Digital Leader) started the second day of training session. She demonstrated the step by step procedure of using Blogspay and gave some additional tips, Rule of thumb which is about “Revelance-Quality-Frequency”

Mr. Wajeeh uddin Ahmed, Chancellor JUW and Prof. Dr. Naeem Farooqui, Vice Chancellor JUW warmly welcomed Mr. Amjad, Assistant Director FIA and his team. FIA Assistant Director, discussed important Rules and Acts and provide guidelines that “how you can save yourselves”.

Shamim Rajani (Co-founder at Genetech, Chief Operating Officer, Professional Scrum Master, Techpreneur), She shared her life experience along with her successful professional journey.

She provide guidelines about “How to become successful entrepreneur”, “How to promote your blog’s”. She also gave the example of  Zara Ali Syed (Horticultural Blogger) that she was just a normal house wife but now she becomes ambassador at Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

Riffat Rashid (Food Blogger), She further proceeded workshop with the question/answer session in which all the guests and students took active participation. Kanwal Masroor (Founder & President TECH Pakistan & Master Trainer; Girl Digital Power), He Address audience that is made for everyone who loves to write and provide them a secure platform where they can share their thoughts in words.

All guest speaker’s was pleased to visit JUW and glad by the response of the audience, they also

appreciated the efforts of ORIC, JUW. After the TECH pakistan Founder & President lecture, Training completion award distribution ceremony took place and Dr. Rahsida Rahmat Zohra, (Director ORIC JUW), presented awards and shield to all guest speakers.