Gaming has been a favorite of many for the past many years. Starting from Atari console to PlayStations and PCs, and then moving forward to play vpn online games, kids age from teens to adults while keeping their passion of being a professional gamer.

Talking more into online gaming, companies like Steam and Ubisoft release games, patches, and extensions to many of their games. While many of them are available to each and every registered gamer, there are many updates that are region locked, meaning they can only be accessed by players living in that region.

The problem discussed above is one of the few that occurs with online gamers. To overcome a lot of these problems, online gamers use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

VPNs are systems that allow you to set up a network on top of the conventional internet. Therefore, it becomes possible for you to use dedicated IPs and set up networks that appear to be in a different country/region other than yours.

Using the features of a VPN, it is possible to use VPN for gaming purposes. Talking further about VPNs, let’s discuss a few of the benefits that a VPN can provide to online gamers:

1.    Get access to exclusives from anywhere on the planet

Whether you are using an Xbox or you are a PS player, you get to access Xbox Live and PSN Exclusives available to any country. Simply use your gaming VPN to set up a different gaming region and you can get exclusives which might not be available to your region.

2.    Download Games not yet launched in your region

Often times, there is a delay (usually in days) before a game gets launched in your region. But when you know it has been launched in another region, you can use your VPN to download the game from the region it has been launched in.

3.    Reduce your ping time with the server

Instead of using a simple connection to connect online to play, you can get a VPN for gaming in the region the game is being played. In that way, you will get good ping times and the overall lag will be less as compared to your standard network.

4.    Play Multiplayer games in your desired region

Assume you want to play a multiplayer game or join a session which is not available for your country. You can use your VPN to access that specific game in the region you want.

5.    Protect yourself from DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks are common when a large group of gamers is already playing. Some attacker might come in and cause a DDoS attack which will end your online gaming session. You can set up a gaming VPN to solve this problem.

Some more benefits of gaming VPNs are as follows:

  • Stop ISP Data Throttling
  • Encrypt your game data
  • Reduce network latency
  • Play new multiplayer titles first

Discussing all the advantages of VPN gaming, what we all wonder is what VPN to use since there are a lot of them available online. For this, you may Click Here to get a list of good VPNs to play online and be a good gamer.

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