technology trends You’ll agree with me when I say nowadays, without technology trends education is unfulfilled.

By the changing of modern technology, education entrance a new era. Also, the very important is that technology is changing day by day.

Technology can connect the students all over the world which called mobile-centric or e-learning. It plays a significant role to learn more.

Now, all the schools trying to implement the extreme technology to get a high response from the students. As I mentioned in the above, they use mobile technology to reach the goal by teaching in different ways. The High school students are allowed to use the mobile phone. It changes their thinking ability.

On the second hand, some colleges & universities started using modern technology or learning system for higher education. It not only plays a vital role while they’re studying but also their career life.

In this article today I will discuss 5 technology trends in education.

Let’s dive in:

  1. Digital Textbooks (E-book) –

Definition of the e-book is ‘the book which is Portable Document Format (PDF).

The digital textbook is one of the great inventions of technology. You can store thousands of books on a single tablet. You may be thinking the digital textbook is costly and it is a little bit difficult to give everyone. This is true, but you have to think about its advantages. It is expensive to provide new books for every student in a single academic year instead of giving a tablet for seven years. You can update the tablet without any hassle.

The advantage of Digital Textbook:

  1. Easy to carry
  2. You can read, watch and write anytime.

iii. Don’t need to have a physical pen, note, books, etc.

  1. Social Media

When it’s come to social media in education which is great for both students and teachers.

At first, I’m going to tell you some disadvantages of using social media in education. Some teachers don’t try to use social media in their classroom for disturb or distraction.  Even they feel fearful of using social media.

Now I’m going to elaborate the advantages of Social media. Social Media will be handy and useful tools if its uses in the right way. There are a lot of ways to learn through social media. Such as Facebook group and page, twitter Hash tags, etc. If a teacher posts a lesson on Facebook group or twitter for assignment, group study, projects, discussion etc. He can efficiently coordinate with them at anytime and anywhere. Even he can solve the problem with gathering lots of information.

Keep in mind that while using social media make it funny and attractive.

The advantage of Social Media:

  1. Ideal for group study, discussion, assignment, projects etc.
  2. Distance learning.

iii. To get involved in social media.

  1. Flipped Learning Method

I hope you heard about flipped learning method which is trending in education. But what is the flipped learning method?

This is newly invented method for education. In this system, the student doesn’t need to learn from the teacher directly. They have to learn a lesson by watching the online or offline video or content from their own home and practice or submit the lesson at their school.

By creating a small group (4-10 members), they can teach or learn from each other. Even they solve the big problem.

Flipped Learning Method fully organizes by technology.

Flipped Learning Method Pros:

  1. High uses of technology.
  2. Self-confident

iii. Co-learning experience

  1. Big Data System

Big Data is the most trending technology in education. It’s changing the revolutionary in education.

Big Data means while you’re studying it will provide you latest information within a second which is incredible. Even it will give you very accurate data as your requirement.

If you’re a teacher, then it is beneficial for you because you can apply the real-time information while you’re teaching in the classroom.

Big Data is the most significant example of technology in education.

Bullet Points of Big Data:

  1. Latest example of technology.
  2. Provide very accurate information.

iii. Information less than a second.

  1. Distance Learning

I hope you know what distance learning is?

In a nutshell, distance learning is one kind of study that you don’t need to attend any classes physically to receive the education.

The participants have to attend the class virtually through video sharing. You know distance learning is entirely technology based. You have to use email, social media, class forums, etc.

This system is very efficient for both teacher and student because of anybody don’t need to attend physically. Everyone can join from their own home, country etc.

Last year more than 270,000 students received their graduation degree through distance learning process. How amazing!

The advantage of Distance Learning:

  1. Study from home
  2. Technology is boss in this learning process


Nowadays, almost school authority is going to spend a lot of money on technology to reach the education system in next level. They are very determined to convert their campuses into a technology park. So they’re investing lots of money, and it is increasing day by day.

I hope this article ( 5 technology trends in education) will give you a lot of information regarding technology and education. Thanks for reading!


Anthony Maldonado has over Twenty Five (25) years of experience in the field of Education. He specializes in setting up Educational State. He is an expert in the area of developing strategies of Education. He is presently working at his SmileTutor agency, a tuition agency based in Singapore.