Technology is part of our day to day life. It has also proved its applications in the field of sports. Technology applications like sports officiating technology‎, software‎, sports academies‎ and sports’ broadcast on television.Australian athlete tracking technology, Catapult Sports is going to start its operations in Pakistan to boost Pakistan’s sports by introducing modern technology in the country.

In Asian countries, sports like cricket is the most famous and mainstream sports. Several technological tools have been developed to expand sports covering different formats and yearly leagues. Catapult Sports is already providing its technical assistance in sports like soccer and hockey. The firm recently has developed a specific metrics for cricket that will serve national and domestic teams of the world.

Sports Boden Westover Director Marketing of Catapult said, “Pakistan is the logical market for their firm. Our team is excited to offer their services to the most innovative cricket team in Pakistan”.

Catapult is developing elite athlete wearable tracking solutions. This company is aiming to help Pakistani teams get more out of their elite athletes. The major product of Catapult is “wearable device” that is worn on an athlete’s back to measure all movements over 1,000 times a second.

In coming couple of months, the company is also planning to organize its first workshop in Pakistan. The workshop will be focused on teaching the use of technology by some of the best teams in the world. Catapult group, in 2017 has earned over $48 million in revenues and has a total worth of around $127.3 million.