A Pakistani student from Peshawar has created a device that would be helpful for visually impaired people which includes blind, partially blind, color blind or people with complex eye diseases.

The device named as ‘Sonic eye’ that can indicate the obstacles and makes it easier for visually impaired people to walk by.

Sonic eye is made of a white stick and a navigation system attached to it that helps to identify the objects in their path. These sensors with a loud sound alert the visually impaired when an object is nearby.

A student has built this device, named Hafsa Jamal, currently working to develop a mobile app to navigate the blind people without using the stick. She also wants to place such navigational devices to the daily ease of life.

The efforts of such talented student should be valued and promoted to the leading level in Pakistan.

Visually impaired people with this device will have a phenomenal change in the behavior. They cannot even think of being blind and donnot have to ask for help always with the help of such device.

Such digital products can make a huge social impact in our society. This modern technology allows them to live their life independently. Still, the government should have taken more step to help visually impaired.