The amount of food to feed the world population will be double of the existing requirements by the year 2050. The conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture are key to ensuring that the world will produce enough food to feed its growing population in the future.

There is an urgent need to understand the role and status of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture in Pakistan with a growing population and falling land and water resources. A one-day seminar was organized at the National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) in Islamabad to highlight the importance of plant genetic resources, new crop variety development, and their integration into the seed system.

Appreciating the contribution of farmers, Ms. Mina Dowlatchahi, FAO Representative in Pakistan said that International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources in Food and Agriculture is important for Pakistan as it aims at founding a global system to provide farmers, plant breeders, and scientists access to plant genetic materials.

Utilization of plant genetic resources is an essential part of effective seed certification system and FAO is supporting Federal Seed Certification Department, general society, and private parts to create limit and specialized ability.

Dr. Yusuf Zafar, Chairman PARC asked the members on making full use of the workshop to refresh themselves with the necessities of national and global law and to recognize openings accessible for successful coordinated effort between general society and private parts.

He more included that the eventual fate of economical agribusiness in Pakistan depends on seed virtue and seed hereditary qualities.