Pakistan is blessed with very smart and hardworking people, doing a lot good by startups said visiting US technology expert Rebecca Garcia.

Garcia highlighted need for skills to become entrepreneurs and empowering environment people to conduct new experiments and learn new things for better future.

“Top 10 tech companies in the world were founded by the people who had dropped out. The second biggest tech company had no capital right away.”

She added that construction of tall tech buildings and school buildings cannot achieve the purpose, but the environment for youth to prove their strength.

Amid her visit to Pakistan, she held a progression of classes and workshops on enterprise, tech new companies and ladies’ business enterprise in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. She likewise went to a few open and private colleges, schools, foundations and councils of business.

She is a self-trained, public speaker and instructor and has served at Microsoft other than embraced many different errands. “Pakistanis have smart thoughts; a considerable lot of us trust that it is generally the absence of capital that debilitates business people. Yet, it is not the situation, what is most imperative is the empowering condition or the way of life to be a business person,” she said.

She underlined that one of the solid territories of Pakistan was that it had an accomplished IT population, which could discover its way into small companies, businesses and begin their own particular business. She further stated that Pakistan’s tech side is exceptionally solid. I think this is the entrepreneurial side and business abilities to be developed.

Education is the primary performing artist of success. I think it is truly extraordinarily Pakistan have a decent establishment of IT training and approached youths to obtain abilities like becoming better software engineers, gain relational abilities that would enable them to better market their thoughts and build up the propensity for working autonomously.

She said women were truly doing astonishing things in the fields of business enterprise and tech new companies. In any case, the nation still needs to try additional endeavors to urge them to have their impact all the more effective as their support stays low while lauding Pakistani ladies.