Oracle Power, UK-based energy developer has submitted a proposal to Private Power and Infrastructure Board (PPIB) for 660MW plant in Block VI of Thar desert, Pakistan.

Chinese state-owned entities Sichuan Provincial Investment Group (SCIG) and Power China International Group consortium with Oracle Power to develop project.

Newly combined lignite coal mine and power plant will represent the first phase of a 1,320MW project located in south-east of Sindh Province, Pakistan.

Oracle Power CEO Shahrukh Khan said that proposal submission to PPIB is just formality to allow construction of a power plant for an initial 660MW in Thar.

The company expressed gratitude toward Pakistani experts for proceeded with help to Oracle’s endeavors in taking this significant undertaking to monetary close.

The company will keep on updating speculators in advance as breakthroughs are accomplished as financing accomplices now distinguished and quick to advance the task in a convenient manner.

The recently submitted proposition includes the subtle elements of the gatherings to be engaged in the venture, technical points of interest of the plant and the accessibility of fuel from Thar Block VI.

It additionally incorporates budgetary points of interest of the organizations included, their energy venture understanding, and the consortium agreement (CA).