A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was marked PITB’s Plan9 and ATX+PAK to set up US $ 20 million 1839 Venture Capital Fund. The marking occurred preceding the main ever uber occasion “The MIX” being held for the advancement of innovation, culture, expressions stimulation and so on.

Dr. Umar Saif establishing Vice Chancellor of ITU Punjab, Chairman PITB, and Advisor to the CM Punjab that the store having venture from Austin for Startups in Pakistan would accelerate the pace of entrepreneurial environment and social trade while 21 organizations from Pakistan have as of now profit by Austin.

A video message Mr. Steve Adler, Mayor of Austin said that we were an accomplice in the science city and The MIX was a stage towards that objective. The US Consulate General, Lahore recognized the administration of Dr. Umar Saif and said that he has enthusiasm for useful application for finding better approaches to take care of issues through inventive and innovative applications.

The occasion included Dr. Umar Saif and Ali Pervez Mehdi for particular Poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz in a song session. This session paid reverence to Faiz Ahmed Faiz and his commitment to the way of life and craft of Pakistan.

A session on ‘Investigating the Tapestry of Global Fashion and Lifestyle Programming’ was driven by Matt Swinney, CEO Fashion and Style Events LLC, an individual from the ATX+PAK designation. Following this, Aziz Ibrahim – Guitarist Azmik, conveyed a discussion on ‘Saving the heritage of South Asian Sound’.

The MIX; PITB’s up and coming Tech and Culture Festival will likewise incorporate some energizing exhibitions by world notoriety specialists. The occasion was gone to by an appointment from Austin going to Pakistan and also different individuals from the business. Michael Guinan, Public Affairs Officer, US Consulate was likewise among the welcomed visitors.

ATX+PAK program was propelled very nearly two years back, through which 5-7 business visionaries go to Austin for 3 weeks after like clockwork, to investigate the entrepreneurial space, meeting with the first rate coaches and connecting with the financial specialists, which finished to some best authorities going by Pakistan including Tech Ranch, Pen Pal Schools, Capital Factory and 3 Day Startup.

PITB’s Plan9 cooperation with Austin City of Texas through ATX+PAK has helped establish the framework for the assention marked today because of joint endeavors of Alicia Dean, Senior Public Relations Specialist, Mian Faizan Mahmood and Nabeel Qadeer Director, PITB speaking to the Plan9’s front and the help stretched out by Greater Austin Asian Chambers of Commerce.