City Traffic Police (CTP) propelling Rasta, an e-Licensing framework for testing and tickets issuance one week from now. This activity would be the first of its kind in Pakistan. The product is coordinated on global gauges.

The application was established by the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) for giving individuals more quick witted arrangements relating their movement issues and inquiries.

Rai Ejaz told that the synopsis drafts of the electronic permitting framework have been sent to divisions and the CTP is good to go for actualizing the electronic framework. All the vital arrangements concerning the execution have been finished.

He specified that the dispatch of this new ticketing framework would be stopping the old tickets issued by the Pakistan post office. This activity would likewise help in fighting fabrication or trick.

CTP has likewise sent a letter to the Punjab Traffic DIG requesting that he pick the banks that would have e-tickets. They additionally requested that the authority guarantee the accessibility of e-tickets at all the branches of the chose banks.

This is a stunning activity by the City movement police of Lahore. On the off chance that this usage gets effective and demonstrates invaluable then its measurement of execution ought to be extended past.

This electronic framework would not be preparing the movement control office with innovation, however, would likewise be digitalizing it to keep the old frameworks.