Climate Change Ministry jointly work with environmentalists, industrialists, manufacturers, and academics to totally eliminate the utilization of ozone-layer-depletion chemicals in Pakistan in accordance with the Montreal Protocol.

Disposing of 13 distinctive ozone- depletion substances (ODSs), including hydro-chloro-fluoro-carbons (HCFC) and chloro-fluoro-carbons (CFC), is basic to ensuring the ozone layer, which shields all life on earth from unfavorable effects of bright (UV) radiation from the sun and its overflow impact of environmental change.

Researcher claims Pakistan decreased ozone-exhausting poisons by 35%

Ministry of Climate Change in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme in Islamabad, on the Kigali Amendment, United Nations Environment Programme, Asia-Pacific Regional Director Dechen Tsering said that zone-draining substances, for the most part, contain chlorine, fluorine, bromine, carbon, and hydrogen in varying proportions often described as halocarbons speaking at a day-long workshop, organized by the Ozone Cell.

She valued Pakistan’s sense of duty regarding eliminating ozone-draining substances under the Montreal Protocol, thought to be the best global environmental agreement setting out duties by each nation on the planet to wipe out creation and utilization of chemicals which harm the ozone layer.

“The UN Environment Programme will remain actively engaged with Pakistan in development of enabling activities for the phasing down of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) under Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol,” Tsering reiterated.

Sparing ozone layer: ‘Pakistan part of worldwide endeavors’

Environmental Change Ministry’s Secretary Syed Abu Akif underlined the requirement for justifying or streamlining the use of characteristic assets to ensure people, biodiversity, and condition from

annihilating effects of normal disasters including ozone exhaustion.

“We people cannot keep on living a solid life if we do not make our way of life nature-perfect and experience our lives in entire congruity with nature,” he said.