Nanoscience has already affected lives with innovations such as stain-resistant fabrics stimulated by nanoscale features on lotus plants and computer hard drives, store information on magnetic strips only 20 nanometers thick. Scientists and engineers from several disciplines including physics, chemistry, biology, and materials science use nanoscience principles for advanced applications in energy, medicine, information storage, and computing.

Exploration of alternative sources of energy is need of the time. Three days international conference entitled “Impact of Nano-Science on Energy Technology” conducted by the Department of Physics, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology was inaugurated by Chaudhary Sher Ali Khan, Provincial Minister for Mines and Mineral.

The Dean of Science Prof. Dr. Arshad Saleem Bhatti in his welcome note highlighted the importance of Nano-Science to overcome the energy needs in Pakistan. Several local and foreign delegates attended the conference.

He discussed the contribution of the faculty of science for the development of new materials and their application in the field of energy technology.

Prof. Dr. Bin Zhu from Sweden talked about innovative energy devices for sustainable development. He showed the new device based on semiconductor ionic and fuel cell for development.

Chairman Department of Physics, Prof. Dr. Saleem F Shoukat valued Physics faculty for organizing such mega event and foreign research experts for coming to Pakistan.

Director Campus Prof. Dr. Qaisar Abbas also addressed the audience