Provincial government has planned wheat cultivation on 16.4-million-acre land to attain 20 million tons yield this year said, Naeem Akhtar Khan Bhabha Punjab Minister for Agriculture.

“Agriculture Department has planned to launch a scheme in 12 districts of the province where cultivators would be provided gypsum on half rate to curb problems of water logging and salinity”, Naeem Akhtar Khan Bhabha disclosed that while presiding a sophisticated meeting of Agriculture Department.

He also showed consummation over superb result of ‘Kissan Package’ and said that local farmer has developed a keen sense of security by means of coordinated attention of Punjab government on the agri-economy.

The provincial minister said that the government offering 80 % subsidy to farmers to install solar tube wells that are using drip and sprinkles irrigation facility. Around 130 solar tube wells installed on 1,500-acre arable land last year however same solar system would be installed on a further 10,000-acre area. This scheme along with users of drip and sprinkles facility is available for all districts.