EcoEnergy, a leading affordable solar energy provider in Pakistan had received an investment of US$200k from BBOXX, a next-generation utility as a part of EcoEnergy’s pre-series A funding round.

It has scaled up its solar energy business in Pakistan, conveying off-grid electricity to several. EcoEnergy has been using BBOXX’s innovative systems for on-grid experience in an off-grid setting from last 3 years.

In addition to expanding the existing distribution networks, the investment will allow EcoEnergy to install BBOXX’s higher power 100-watt+ units, enabling customers to use a greater variety of household appliances.

BBOXX’s smart technology enables proactive troubleshooting and repairs of its systems by using mobile data networks to allow pay-as-you-go financing and distant system monitoring.

Pakistan in recent years has significantly increased use of mobile money shared and favorable policies to renewable energy that has permitted EcoEnergy and BBOXX to scale quickly.

Mansoor Hamayun, Chief Executive Officer of BBOXX, commented that We are pleased to work with EcoEnergy, envision to bring reliable and affordable electricity to people in Pakistan.

“We are extremely excited about prospects for further growth and scale with our combined expertise as EcoEnergy understands the unique challenges of the Pakistani market.” Shazia Khan, Chief Executive Officer of EcoEnergy Finance, commented:

“EcoEnergy has a profound understanding of off-grid rural Pakistani communities to regulate best way to cope energy needs.

“BBOXX has provided excellent technology and level of receptivity to feedback and responsiveness to customer motivated developments has been supreme.

“This partnership further strengthens a successful relationship at a critical time, when the Pakistani market is just beginning to develop in an improved investment, regulatory and political climate.”—Agencies.