PTA’s New Regulation “DIRBS” to Help Block Illegal/Smuggled Mobile Devices in Pakistan. Since the coming of 3G and 4G telecom administrations, there is a quick influx of smart devices into Pakistan, while recent years. Regardless, the high import duty and taxes on handsets, have caused a sharp ascent in the pirating of handsets, through unlawful channels, prompting significant income misfortunes for government exchequer.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) understanding this issue propelling a thorough activity ‘Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System’ (DIRBS), which will use the IMEI number of every gadget to discourage pirating and robbery of cell phones, by obstructing these unlawful and fake handsets working in the nation. The IMEI of illicit devices will be accounted for to the cell organizations and other concerned bodies.

The telecom regulator of Pakistan will work the DIRBS as a ‘Centralized Equipment Identity Register’ to discourage the use of mobile devices that are smuggled through the Grey channel. Each distinct IMEI should bear paired with a specific ‘Computerized National Identity Card’ (CNIC) belonging to its registered user, who must be officially connected through a cellular network.

As shown by PTA’s new direction, organizations or people bringing in or conveying devices for individual use will be needed to enlist their devices and get a confirmation of compliance to technical standards. Any device with an IMEI that does not meet the lawful criteria will be blacklisted.

DIRBS will give updated ‘Black Lists’, ‘Exception Lists’ and ‘Notification Lists’ to the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) at general interims. Therefore, MNOs will use these rundowns for blocking and unblocking of cell phones and hint to the supporters, wherever needed.

Mobile communication services will be blocked for IMEIs of updated ‘Black List’. Specific IMEIs and their subscription Pairings counted in operator-specific ‘Exceptions List’ for receiving mobile communication services, even if their IMEIs appear in Black List. ‘Notification List’ also MNO-specific and it will be used to write down mobile devices with certain issues. On the off chance that device’s issues stay uncertain for a period, its IMEI will be sent to the Black List.

‘Compliant and Approved’ devices that are meandering in Pakistan, will be allowed to briefly work in the country. MNOs shall not allow the installation of any terminal equipment or device not approved by PTA.

PTA will install the required hardware, software, and infrastructure for DIRBS to enable the mobile phone producers and network operators to report to PTA and block any illegal device or businesses that deal in stolen devices. However, all MNOs shall upgrade their hardware and software systems at their own cost, to support this new system and block the mobile devices placed on the Black List.

Other than planning of unlawful, snuck, and stolen telephones, PTA is additionally dedicated to close every single portable shop that offers the blazing/changing of IMEIs on devices. Monitoring systems are now executed in various nations, where positive outcomes are being carried out to secure the buyers’ advantages.