Draft guidelines for issuance of “Non- Objection Certificate (NOC)” for Local Mobile Phone Assembly Line in Pakistan has been issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). Guidelines, arranged under Telecom Act 1996 (Section 29) told that no terminal equipment can be directly or indirectly connected with public switched network unless approved by PTA. Draft document revealed that these guidelines applicable for legal PTA mobile phones type approval holders. PTA has an expert to reconsider these rules with entry of time. The primary elements of report are asked for on organization letterhead, nitty-gritty specialized introduction, undertaking by CEO/BoD and temporary NOC. Company letterhead includes company profile, Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) registration, Board of Director (BOD) details, purpose of use details, address of location assembly line to be set up, details for devices to be assembled and certification or undertaking from manufacturer that local mobile phone assembly plant set up with approval holder will be in line with best international practices or standards. The point by point specialized introduction incorporates parts being imported to be used to gather in an assembly line, packing line and subtle elements of materials to be used, specialized writing clarifying use for every sequential construction system part, business receipt duplicate and aviation route charge duplicate.