Sarosh Haider is a person, who is: a born artist; accustomed to draw everything that inspired him; and converted his knowledge and competency into technopreneurship. He is a marketer, manager, advertiser, marketing researcher, and start-up person. He believes in advancement with ethics, and innovation with passion. Below, finds a chit-chat with Sarosh Haider.

Sarosh Haider converted his knowledge and competency into technopreneurship

Brief us about yourself.

Thank you very much for the space given by Technology Times!

Let me start with my passion and education. I am a born artist and used to draw everything that inspired me and in the era of TV fiction that led me to make storyboards.

I did my MBA in Management Information Systems (MIS) in year 1996 from American University in London. In that days, MIS was newly established department and it was perfectly suitable to my creative and innovative passion.

After taking a long ride of professional involvement with different companies; right now, I’m General Manager at Winson Group which is a United Kingdom based business concern having presence across the globe.

Share some words on your success story?

I started my professional career from Ansaldo Energia in Technical Procurement Department. But by nature, I am a technopreneur, who is highly motivated, having multi-disciplinary experience of marketing, management, advertising, marketing research, and start-ups. My goal is productivity with ethics; besides all, innovation is my hobby and my passion.

Why you started electronic media monitoring? And how it benefited media industry?

Media monitoring was a very risky venture in that times, and there was no such service available in Pakistan. The technology and hardware was very expensive and market was not ready to believe that this is possible. Majority of our clients visited our lab and viewed the whole process themselves before signing any contract with us.

This took almost a year to bring prospective market to comfort zone, but after a year-long marathon we enjoyed cent percent market share of electronic media monitoring.

This was achieved simply because of our innovative approach. Need was there we just explored it, launched our product, and maintained our services. This is the wholesome recipe of technopreneurship.

I started electronic media monitoring in 2003-04 with the name Media Innovations (Pvt) Ltd, commonly known as Media Bank Pakistan. The services like real-time TV and cable advertising analytical tools provide more command over the advertising campaigns, spot placement in comparison with ad plans. This provided ease for competitive analysis to track competitor’s media selection, ad length, ad placement and time selection.

The content and broadcast monitoring is growing very fast. Our latest patent ‘Mobile App: Second Screen TV and Radio Sync’ catch your favorite product’s offers, prizes, and discounts just like taking a mobile snapshot from TV, cable or radio ads! It synchronizes with the television, radio or cable advertisement to review online either offline. This provides opportunity to the mobile users to participate, communicate and socialize with friends and company.

How would you describe Winson Group?

Winson is a United Kingdom based company, founded in 1989 as an engineering services and R&D company, since then the company has conducted several successful projects. Winson Group with high quality professionals, researchers and partners achieving the company targets. Our team continuously working and delivering innovative solutions to bring ease in the life of a common person.

We are in energy conservation, technologies and VR gaming and education. Winson VR Games committed to provide entertainment, education and experience with virtual and augmented reality’s latest technology.

We specialize in providing real VR solutions to some of the biggest green energy, technology and innovation companies worldwide. We are not just a tech company; we offer a wide range of tailored services including corporate consulting, app development, content creation and more.

In your opinion, what are the biggest strength of any company?

Innovations, team, commitment, quality and research are the biggest strength for any start-up. Like, at our company, our team workmanship has helped us to keep the customer satisfaction at highest level. That’s why, we never receive any complaint in our work.

What are your goals in coming years?

Younger generation is our future, I believe in my country’s local talent. I have developed a business incubator to give start-up opportunity to our young entrepreneurs, engineers or business graduates to boost technopreneurship. Whosoever, have a dream to start own company, I welcome them.

Through Technology Times, I would also like to offer a free training session on technopreneurship for young entrepreneur, start-up companies, technopreneurs who having difficulty to launch their product or services or having technical difficulty in execution. I can train them, help them, and will provide them space to launch their own company.

What contributed most, in your professional success?

I am quick learner and good team member, that gives me the power to motivate my team whether it is sales or business development, technology or execution.

What are technopreneurship prospects in Pakistan and how we can get advantage of it?

The ongoing globalisation drive is aiding to shrink trade hurdles and to bring world economies closer to each other. Advancement in the field of info-communication technologies, and multimedia are gradually transferring the world into a global village. And this scenario developed the prospects of technopreneurship.

The young start-ups are changing the work culture not just in Pakistan but globally. You can imagine a virtual world where people have their own workstyle, working hours, and they are bosses at their own. They are dynamic and energetic, working remotely from their own places, they make have absurd hours, but they are not burdening the economy. They are working as freelancer on short-term contracts as contrasting to having a full-time job. I count them more productive, and more experienced since they are their own bosses.

IT and telecommunication provided us opportunity to boost technopreneurship rather cyberpreneurship in Pakistan. This is the golden time, where technology provided equal opportunity to everyone to create an impact.

Right now, we are only focusing youth for technopreneurship, rather I would suggest to involve up-coming elderly people as well. They have business knowledge, they have experience, and they know how to use technology; the only short coming is technological skills, which I believe is not too hard to understand.

We will soon start technopreneurship support program for young peoples who have unique and innovative ideas that can change lives.