Muhmmad Hasnain is CEO and Founder of SCIENCE Pakistan ( an online science directory). He brings with him a rich experience of mentoring. During his recent interview with the Technology Times, he spoke about the future of ICTs, youth skills development initiatives as well as ICTs potential in Pakistan.


Brief us about yourself, professional highlights and your interests.

Basically, I was born in rural area of South Punjab, Pakistan. After class 8 in 2003 I moved to Karachi, the city of opportunities, and completed my studies. I did masters in organic chemistry in 2011 from the Federal Urdu University of Arts, Sciences and Technology, Karachi. Now I am enrolled in MPhil leading to PhD program in the same university.

My basic profession is teaching. I am an A Level chemistry teacher in a reputed college of Karachi. I started my online journey back in 2011, while I was about to complete my masters.

My first online venture was SCIENCE Pakistan (, a science directory which covers brief introduction and contact details of all Pakistani research institutes, science councils, science journals, science societies, science associations etc. etc.

Then in the end of December 2013, I started, the Pakistan’s first online chemistry portal. is a non-profit organization and is willing to promote chemistry/chemical education in Pakistan by publishing chemistry related quality articles, lectures, presentations and research findings on its online chemistry portal. Contact information of Chemistry Departments of Pakistani Universities and Chemistry/Chemical Institutes with their specialties and offered courses also be published on chemistry portal. organizes solely and collaboratively chemistry/chemical education related seminars, symposiums, workshops and conferences in Pakistan.

Do you believe that there is some sort of pattern or formula to become a successful cyber entrepreneur?

The formula for success is none other than hard work. Success never comes overnight, it takes time, passion, dedication and hard work. To be successful as a cyber entrepreneur, one must know English language as without it one can face a lot of problems and difficulties to become a successful cyber entrepreneur.

What are the major challenges for a cyberpreneur or online business owner?

One of major problem I usually faced when I started my journey was poor internet connection. In Pakistan still internet facilities are not upto the mark. After 3G and 4G things get better, but still there is a lot to be fixed. Another major problem Pakistani cyber entrepreneurs face is power failure. A lot of load shedding has damaged online businesses in Pakistan which started on small scale. PayPal doesn’t work in Pakistan that is the major drawback form Pakistani cyber entrepreneur faces.

What skills do a cyber entrepreneurs must exhibit?

He/she should know English language, as without English this is very difficult to get success online, along with this skill he/she can work around the clock. Online work is not a 9-5 job, it is like a 24/7 job.

What makes distinct from online portals?

Chemistry.Com.Pk is first of its type of online portal in Pakistan. We’ve agreement with some international book sellers, so we can share pdf. Of old editions of their published books are free on Chemistry.Com.Pk to the Pakistani students. On Chemistry.Com.Pk we also share the academic courses offered by department of chemistry of different universities. We also share free online courses organized by Virtual Education Project Pakistan (VEPP). Now we are in talk with VEPP to stream their video lectures online on Chemistry.Com.Pk.

What three pieces of advice would you give to college students who want to become entrepreneurs?

They just need to do hard work, success never comes overnight. Believe in yourself, one day you’ll definitely get success. Do not try to abuse international services i.e. Google Adsense etc.

Without science and technology promotion, Pakistan cant progress and Technology Times is beholding the same slogan being a forerunner newspaper in Sci-Tech. How do you envision our efforts for SandT popularization in Pakistan?

I am very happy to learn that Technology Times is working for the promotion of Science and Technology in Karachi. This is indeed a very good step by Syed Paras Ali, I really appreciate his efforts towards this cause.

What measures must be taken to promote cyber entrepreneurship culture in Pakistan and where we are lacking?

Government and private organizations organize workshops on cyber entrepreneurship especially in rural areas of Pakistan, as there is a lot of hidden talent in these areas which need to be explored. Now we have 3G and 4G technologies, so youth of these areas can bring a lot of money to Pakistan to work online.

I am very happy to see that the government of Punjab has “Plan9” technology incubator in Lahore, and P@SHA has technology incubator “NEST I/O” in Karachi.

These types of technology incubators need to be opened in every district of Pakistan, so that the youth of Pakistan does not waste their time on Facebook rather concentrate on learning something new and useful and bring some change in their lifestyle.