NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), a global leader in omnichannel solutions and 1LINK (Guarantee) Limited, an interbank payment network service provider in the country, signed a contract for ‘Procurement and Implementation of Payments Application’ solutions to improve quickness and receptiveness, permitting 1LINK to very rapidly roll out new products and services. NCR Corporation will make available 1LINK with NCR Authentic, an intelligent transaction processing platform designed for business payment and solution under this agreement. Contract also includes application and placement services by NCR Corporation.

Both the organizations will jointly give an efficient, cost-effective and strong payment infrastructure. By promoting new, secure, and more convenient ways to pay, and thereby advancing e-payments in established and emerging markets of Pakistan it will drive the growth of payments.

 “Offering an efficient, cost-effective and strong payment infrastructure in Pakistan was extremely critical to financial and banking system. We are certain that these activities will increase customer confidence in e-payment models and services in so doing it across Pakistan,” remarked Mr. Ashraf Masood, country manager, NCR Financial Solutions, Pakistan.

Mr. Wael El Aawar, NCR Area Sales VP, Financial Services Middle East and Africa citing NCR’s long-lasting occurrence in Pakistan he stated, “We wish to collaborate faithfully with 1LINK for reshaping the payments landscape. NCR has been present in Pakistan since 1950 and looking forward to ongoing this legacy in the coming years”

1LINK which is focused on empowering e-payment modes and services in Pakistan. It has also launched 1st domestic payment scheme of Pakistan, PayPak, a milestone in innovation and expansion of payments environment in Pakistan. 1LINK is known as the largest interbank payment network service provider in Pakistan responsible for the development and operations of the Inter-Member Bank Network. 1LINK aims to play its part in evolution of payment landscape of Pakistan.

 “We are hopeful that this partnership will open more roads for both the organizations to provide groundbreaking services for payments market in Pakistan. We expect NCR’s Authentic to ensure that seamless services offered to member banks, telcos, billers, bill aggregators & initiators, Micro Finance Banks and Fintechs,” stated Mr. Najeeb Agrawalla, CEO, 1LINK (Guarantee) Limited.