Mr. Abdul Fateh Bhangar, Secretary Secondary Education Department Balochistan, has led a high-profile discussion on taking science and robotics inventiveness to public school education in Quetta.

Representatives from nine robotics organizations across Pakistan attended the meeting and briefed Mr. Bhangar and other officials of the school education department about innovations in math and science education. They also informed that introducing science and robotics can ease education harmonized with 21st century’s requirements.

The officials of the Secondary Education Department cherished science professionals and restated that the commitment of Balochistan government to improve science education in schools to empower children’s role economic and scientific future of Pakistan.

Pakistan Robotics Alliance, with the support of the Balochistan Secondary Education Department, was marked during the discussion for the promotion of robotics and science education across Pakistan.

All participants agreed to allow all children to gain cognitive skills, logic and critical thinking and investment in science should not be restricted to more engineers and doctors.

Meeting concluded with agreement on action points to continue collaboration between the education department and the Robotics Alliance.