Sartaj Aziz Deputy Chairman Planning Commission has invited Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) to assist Pakistan in formulating a master plan for renewable energy along with some of their projects.

Vice President D.J. Pandian led the delegation to Pakistan. The AIIB delegation included Supee Teravaninthorn, Dong Ik Lee, and Shakil Khan.

The delegation assured their support and highlighted full of life participation of Pakistan establishment of the Bank. It further emphasized that AIIB by offering various financial options mainly aims to bridge infrastructure gaps in Asia for the development of region and uplift socio-economic life of the people.

Sartaj Aziz cherished the relationship of AIIB with Pakistan. He further stated that Bank likes across the board political, institutional and popular support that sets it at a distance from a relationship with other multilateral financial and development institutions.

He acknowledged establishment of AIIB by offering a new window of financing and support up-gradation of infrastructure in areas of transport, energy, and development of urban centers for sustainable development will fill in the financial vacuum of Asia.

He China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is important for the two countries and region while clearing up the economic and development history of Pakistan.

On the occasion, CPEC projects and Vision 2025 for the Pakistan’s economy was briefed to delegation.