Pakistani government is exploring new markets with a focus on Global Halal Food Trade to export meat and dairy products.

Pakistan is aiming to meaningfully increase its exports to many Muslim countries that are dependent on imported meat, according to media.

The country to keep the international standards for frozen or chilled red meat is focusing on modern and hygienic slaughterhouses. Pakistan target market for meat and meat products are of Russia, China, South Africa, Egypt, Hong Kong and Indonesia and the Middle East according to the sources.

Pakistan exported about US$157mn of beef in 2016. Pakistan has been producing more poultry products in the last 5-7 years according to the industry experts. Still, there is no market for poultry overseas due to ban by some countries as internationally accepted healthy, hygiene and quarantine standards were not accredited by the relevant government agencies or either not met.

Pakistan is trying to approach other international markets after lifting the ban from UAE on importing poultry and poultry products from Pakistan.

The Netherlands-based multinational company, Friesland Campina, has reserved more than 51 % of Karachi-based Engro Food Pakistan. This is biggest private sector investments in poultry industry of Pakistan around US$450mn. Pakistan hopes to improve export of dairy products in key international market.