The current wave of cyber-attacks by Indians is only a shameful step to defacing website. “National Information Technology Board (NITB) is fully capable and cognizant of securing government websites and protecting data on these websites” said by Nasir Naqvi, the Executive Director of NITB.

Talking with Technology Times about severity of these attacks the Executive Director mentioned that these are the kind of routine attacks made due to advancement of hacking tools but NITB has restored all websites within a short span of time.

He resembled these attacks with the advancement of cyber security related challenges due to which all software companies keep releasing their security patches.

Commenting on future strategy against these threats he said, “NITB is in process of establishing Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) in close collaboration with all stakeholders including private sector”. Indian hackers keep on attacking on Pakistani websites while Pakistan being a responsible country is only focusing on defending strategy.